Latis-by the water side

It's been awhile

Hello to any of my friends who are still active! I was feeling nostalgic today and wanted to post an entry. I miss the days of when lj was popular. I do still lurk on pkmncollectors but that's the extent of my lj experience these days.

So updates on my life? Updates.

I'm 23 now. Holy god. I was 16 when I first joined here I think? Or 17. Either way that blows my mind.

After much thought I decided to not give up on the Lati collecting. I have invested so much time and money. And even though I'm no longer holding the title of biggest Lati doesn't matter. What's important is that I love my collection. So many memories too.

I'm working full time raising and training horses. I nearly gave up the "horse world" but I'm glad I stuck around. My passion has been restored.

Another thing I haven't given up on is art. Someday I want to be an awesome webcomic artist. I have some big plans.

I suppose I could go on and on about things. But for now I'll stop. I hope all of you are well.
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its been a long time!

I don't know if anyone will read this bUT HELLO!

Things are so stressful these days and money is tight. One thing I'm considering is selling my entire Lati collection save for a few items. Part of me says I'll regret it but the other part sees a gold mine. I think my collection can easily get me $2000 or so. Especially if I auction off some rare items. But then I won't be the queen of latis anymore...what if in the future I regret it. Like I regret selling all my cards. But then I think......what purpose do these things serve for me? I could use that $2000 to buy a roundtrip plane ticket to korea AND THEN SOME. what to do...


linking this to the comm, f-list ;D

-haggling is A-OK with me<3
-first come, first serve
-holding is acceptable for up to 48 hours, afterwards the item is availible to anyone
-there will be a small paypal fee~!
-shipping to ANYWHERE! YAY! :D

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How Bianca met David

So on the 25th I finally got to hang out with my bestest chinese immigrant friend-DAVID! (riolulz). We've been buddiez for nearly a year now (time sure flies!) So we have been planning this little meet up for a long time, I think something like 5 months or so. I was deathly nervous omg I thought I was gonna throw up my insides or something. Ryan
ryasaurus and Vilma (my mom) ate lunch beforehand-I couldn't I was way nervous. So we walked a few blocks to nintendo world and the minute I we approached the place I saw David running around the pokemon section. And I was "omg there he is" but not before mother pointed to some random guy saying "IS THAT HIM THERE???!!!" |D So we walked over (I was freaking the fuck out, srsly) and I don't even remember what I said...or if I said anything-or what even happened, I just remember hugging him. That was probably the best hug ever, considering I had been waiting so long to do it!

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if you read this, kudos to you! <3